Friday, December 14, 2012

Proud Pee-er

Common folk probably get embarrassed when people hear them pee. They probably go into a public bathroom stall, or a bathroom in a public place where people could hear, and get allll embarrassed and shy.  Some--I know for a fact--actually get "pee shy" and have to sing "twinkle twinkle" to themselves in order to help the "process".

HA. Crohnies don't play that.

I am ECSTATIC when I go to the bathroom (and I know for sure) that all I have to do is pee. I do a "pee dance" not because I am holding it, but because I am so freaking happy! I am happy that I don't have to worry about how many people are around, if they can hear me, if they are going to be able to smell it, or anything Crohnies usually have to worry--no, stress--about.

During these rare occassions, I get to hold my head up high, proudly walk into that stall, and PEE ... as LOUDLY as possible. I am the proudest pee-er in the bathroom.  Yeaaaah, that's right. You hear that stream? Straight peein'. Steady flow. What.

Man, do I love those times.